I am an Assistant Professor of the Economics Department at the University of Rochester. My research interests are in Public Economics, Urban Economics, Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics.


Working Papers:

Neighborhood Sorting and the Valuation of Public School Quality. R&R at Journal of Urban Economics.
This paper has previously been circulated under the title “Identification and Estimation of Parental Valuation of School Quality in the U.S.”

School Segregation and the Identification of Tipping Behavior, with Vikram Maheshri. Forthcoming at Journal of Public Economics. Supplementary Material.

Identifying Dynamic Spillovers of Crime with a Causal Approach to Model Selection, with Vikram Maheshri. Forthcoming at Quantitative Economics. Online Appendix.

Quasi-Experimental Evidence of School Choice through Residential Sorting, with Hugh Macartney.

Gender Homophily and Segregation Within Neighborhoods, with Vikram Maheshri. R&R at Journal of Urban Economics. Appendix.

Towards Causal Estimates of Children’s Time Allocation on Skill Development, with Josh Kinsler and Hao Teng. R&R at Journal of Applied Econometrics. Appendix.

Neighborhood Sorting In and Out of Equilibrium, with Vikram Maheshri. Coming soon.